Registration should be made on the appropriate form, via the official UKC website and you must be a member of the UKC



The 2020 Ultimate karting championship (UKC) is strictly an IKR race series organised and administered on behalf of WCC GROUP Ltd.
We expect all entrants to behave in a sporting manner and respect that the main objectives are to provide a fun, exciting & safe event.
Anyone wishing to participate in the UKC, should do so in the knowledge that they will be featured on the official Television broadcasting of the event.



Drivers will be eligible for 1 guest round if they have not entered the championship in full, however they will not score championship points. If a driver choses to enter the championship in full after their guest round, then their points scored will be added. The championship entry must be made with 48 hours of the event closing.


Entrants must have track experience in owner-driver karting and must be able to prove this if required via previous event results. If you have less than 3 races experience, you will be classified as a novice driver. You will then be required to start each heat race at the back of the grid.


All drivers shall demonstrate their driving ability to the satisfaction of the race officials during the mandatory practice period before being fully allowed to compete. The director of Competition has the authority to remove an entrant from competing at an event.

Any driver who cannot maintain a speed within 107% of the fastest time recorded in each of the mandated timed practice sessions may be subject to removal. In such cases, the entry fee may be refunded in whole or in part at the sole discretion of the track officials. The intent is not to ban a driver but to ensure the safety of all drivers.


All competition drivers must hold a current UKC competition License. Only UKC licensed drivers will accrue competition points. All points shall be contingent upon the driver being licensed in the current year as well as being held in “Good Standing” for the current year


The minimum age to compete in a UKC event depends on the class in which the driver desires to compete. A driver’s competition age shall be determined by the age to be attained during that racing year. For example, A driver turning 10 by December 31st of the racing year may race within the designated class requiring age 10 at any time during that year.


Competitors are prohibited from participating in any UKC event if their physical or mental condition makes it unsafe to do so. This restriction applies to practice sessions as well as competition. Medical conditions include persons on medications that may impair their physical or mental acuity, persons with weakened physical conditions or persons under a doctor’s care for physical or mental illness.


No competitor, or team member or other related persons shall be allowed within the confines of a UKC event while under the influence of any substances commonly considered to be mind or mood-altering. Any person suspected to be under such influence is subject to immediate ejection from the premises. Any licensed competitor or UKC member considered to be under such influence is also subject to an immediate and permanent ban from the organisation. All drivers are responsible for the conduct of their family and friends. The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited during any UKC event.

After the event is declared concluded for the day, track/facility rules and local laws governing the use of alcohol shall apply.



All drivers must bring your UKC license/driver pass to be presented for checking at all rounds when signing-on.


Registration should be made on the appropriate form, via the official UKC website and you must be a member of the UKC.


Championship registration fee is £120.


Each class is limited to 34 drivers in each class. Individual race entries should be made on the UKC race entry forms found on the UKC official website. Please make sure your entry is in with the correct fee at least 20 days before the race date. This is your responsibility to ensure your place on the grid in good time.


All drivers shall sign a waiver and release of liability before participating in any UKC event. The entrant and/or driver, in submitting the entry form for any UKC event, agrees to hold UKC, together with its owners, officers, representatives, employees and members,

harmless from any and all liability. This includes, but is not limited to: injury to persons, property, employees and/or reputation that may be sustained by the said entrant.




Competitors will have 3 heat races to determine the starting positions for the pre-final. The pre-final results will determine your starting position for the Superfinal. Each class is capped at 34 drivers meaning all drivers will feature in the pre-finals and the super finals. Any drivers wishing to take part once the class is full at 34, will be assigned to the reserve list. A driver in the reserve list will be notified if and when spaces become available prior to each round. The organiser reserve the right to reduce the number of laps due to time or light. Saturday morning will consist of two/three official practice sessions depending on timing proceeded by scrutineering. Saturday afternoon will start with heat 1 followed by heat 2 to round out the day’s proceedings. Super Sunday will commence with 3 lap warm-up, moving into heat 3, pre-finals and closing the event with the super finals. 

All races will be a rolling start with the exception of Honda cadet where a grid start will be applied.



The 7 rounds of the UKC Series dates will be issued via the UKC official website. Date and venue of year-end championship presentation dinner T.B.A. The organiser reserve the right to change any date due to unforeseen circumstances.


Grid positions will be determined by ballot/receipt of entry in a fair procedure that will ensure the starting positions for each of your heats will be equal/fair to your competitors. Heats must be a minimum of 8 laps / 8 minutes. Finals a minimum of 15 laps or fifteen minutes if timed. (Unless shortened for reasons issued by the clerk of the course) Prefinal results will determine the starting position for the Super Final. Championship points are as follows: No points for heats will be awarded.

Prefinal points
1st   20
2nd  18
3rd   17
4th   16
5th   15
6th   14
7th   13
8th   12
9th   11
10th 10
11th  9
12th  8
13th  7
14th  6
15th  5
16th  4
17th  3
18th  2
19th  1

Super Final points

1st   25
2nd  22
3rd   18
4th   16
5th   15
6th   14
7th   13
8th   12
9th   11
10th 10
11th  9
12th  8
13th  7
14th  6
15th  5
16th  4
17th  3
18th  2
19th  1

2 points given for Superfinal pole position and 1 point for the fastest lap of the day in your class with no dropped rounds. For competitors at rounds 7 and 8 a bonus of an additional 10 pts will be added to the normal finishing points.

There will be a privateer award for the highest placed driver in the finals. One in each class awarded to a driver who has registered as a privateer and remains a privateer for all rounds to date.  A privateer is an entrant that is not with a team and not receiving support from a team.

Definition of a team is a commercial race company or racing team whether registered as of limited liability or any other type of legal person/entity in any jurisdiction hosting drivers in providing race services or covered accommodation in for the purposes of the Championship.

In the event of any meeting being cancelled outside of our control, the round will be classed as void, therefore, reducing the total rounds by one. If a meeting has to be abandoned after all heats have been run due to weather conditions, points will be awarded for the relevant final grid positions and all bonus points will be dropped including bonus points for any meeting that is cancelled. If a round is cancelled the overall championship will reduce by same. The championship must complete more than 75% for a champion to be declared. All drivers in the finals will receive points as listed, including a non-finish and non-compliance. However, penalty points will be applied and deducted from these scores.

The UKC will use number 16 – 99  and can be selected by the driver on entry to the championship. These registered numbers will stay the same throughout the championship. Letter plates are not to be used. You must submit your first choice number and second choice number incase a competitor has made the same number selection prior to your

registration. Number 1-15 are reserved for the championship final standings. If you finish 12th -15th at the end of season championship standings, you have the sole right to use this number for the following season.

To resolve points ties, the driver with the most number of final wins will be awarded the result. In the event this is still tied, the driver with highest finishing positions from the last round. In the event of two or more drivers recording the same fastest lap in the final, both will receive the additional points.


Trophies and prizes provided by the series partners will be awarded to the top 3 finishers in the Super Final. All awards will be presented at the presentation half an hour after the final results have been posted. All awards and cash prizes must be accepted personally.

Championship trophies will be awarded to the overall class winner in each class. Any overall series awards other than trophies are subject to the generosity of the series sponsors.

Special prizes may be awarded at each round by the sponsors of the championship.

Further awards will be awarded at the presentation dinner at the end of the year.

Trophies are to be provided for presentation at the end of each race or at the end of the meeting presentation ceremony. Prize money and bonuses shall be presented to the entrants within 7 days of the results being declared final after each round.


All competitors are obliged to collect their awards personally, the first three in each class must collect their awards personally, all other competitors must collect their awards personally or nominate a third party to collect their award on their behalf. In some cases, if awards are not collected, then they will be forfeit.

Entertainment Tax Liability In accordance with current government legislation, the UKC is legally obliged to withhold tax at the basic rate on all payments to non-UK resident sportsmen/women and account to HMRC using form FEU1, the quarterly return of payments made to non-resident entertainers and sportsmen/women. That is, those persons who do not have a normal permanent residence in the UK. The UK does not include the Isle of Man, Channel Islands or Eire. This means that, as the organiser, is required to deduct tax at the current rate applicable from any such payments they may make to non-UK residents. Under certain circumstances, it may be possible for competitors to enter into an agreement with the Inland Revenue to limit the tax withheld. Any application for such an arrangement must be made in writing and no later than 30 days before the payment is due. For further information contact HMRC Personal Tax international, foreign Entertainers

Title to all trophies in the event of any provisional results or Championship tables being revised after any provisional presentations and such revisions affect the distribution of any awards the competitors must return such awards to the UKC Series in good condition within 30 days.



By registering for the Championship all competitors, and their associates, commit and agree to positively promote and demonstrate the racing code. Where any reports of disrespectful conduct are judged to be well-founded the championship organisers may issue warnings or require remedial actions and/or report the matter to the championship stewards who may impose appropriate penalties which can include loss of championship points and/or race bans through to championship expulsion.

It is mandatory for all competitors, (and reminded that if a minor they must be accompanied by the parent / appointed legal guardian) to attend all drivers’ briefings arranged by the Race Director.

Time place or lap time penalties may be imposed for the below reasons:

  • Gaining an unfair advantage
  • driving in a manner incompatible with general safety
  • Aggravated contact
  • Ignoring flag any signals
  • Incorrect position front fairing


Race exclusion may be imposed for the below reasons:

  • Intentionally reattaching the front fairing after the chequered flag
  • Abusive language, behaviour or assault
  • Failure to attend the drivers briefing
  • Failure to obey official of the meeting
  • Scrutineering – serious none compliance
  • Underweight
  • Failure to report to scrutineering


Championship exclusion may be imposed for the below reasons:

  • Abusive language, behaviour or assault
  • Scrutineering – serious none compliance


Eligible Vehicles and engines must be in accordance with the Technical Data logged in accordance to the kart class you are entering under.


Each driver will be allowed 1 kart & 2 engines only, per race meeting. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that the correct kart & engine numbers and other details are recorded on the scrutineering card. The competitors must abide by these championship regulations. Any driver excluded for technical infringement will lose all points from the round. However, for a minor technical infringement (e.g. underweight, side pods outside wheels, air box, broken or missing etc.), the Clerk of the Course shall have the discretion to waive this penalty and classify the infringement as a non-compliance. If a driver is excluded during the heats he/she is eligible to participate in the final, provided the infringement is not classed as a major infringement and must be corrected and evident for the Scrutineering staff to check. It is expected that the penalty will be applied for engine, tyres or fuel infringements, which are classified as major technical infringements.

For minor exclusion’s the driver will receive points for the place of listing on the official result sheet for that race. If a driver is suspended or excluded, it does not allow the competitor to take part in the prize-giving or the podium ceremony, nor to appear in the official classification of the competition in any place other than that resulting from the application of the penalty.

Post Race Scrutineering will take place after each heat and finals and all results are deemed provisional until all karts are released by the Scrutineer, or any person designated to do so. Any driver and kart directed or requested by an official to go into the weighing/scrutineering area, should not leave this area without permission or instruction of the scrutineer, or any person designated to do so in his absence.


Each entrant must purchase one set of SLICK TYRES, plus one set of WET TYRES from the organiser, prior to their first event. To ensure equality the marked tyres will all be supplied from the same batch where possible. The controlled tyres will be logged and stamped with an official UKC mark and must be used when racing in UKC heats/pre-final and Superfinal. Any accidentally damaged tyres may be replaced at the scrutineers’ discretion and purchased from the organiser. Round 1 tyres are to be carried over to round 2 and to be used in official practice sessions and the race if you wish too. New tyres can be purchased for each round if you wish but it is not mandatory. Race tyres must be marked at scrutineering prior to heat 1 and can be used at the start of any heat race, at the start of a pre-final or at the start of the super final. This is down to your personal strategical choice, however, once they are used they must stay on your kart for the remainder of the event. For all cadet classes, 3 sets of dry tyres are permitted for the full season. You can purchase a new set for round 1 with an option to purchase a new set at the start of round 3 and round 5.


When the meeting is declared dry, slicks must be used, if a meeting is declared open then either slicks or wets may be used. Slicks can not be used in the meeting is declared wet.

Only if the meeting is declared Open or wet may wet tyres be used.


The only tyres to be used in each class are listed below:

  • Rotax Mini Max: Mojo D2 Slick
  • Junior Max: Mojo D2 slick
  • Senior Rotax Senior: Mojo D5
  • All Rotax classes wet tyres are Mojo W5
  • Honda Cadet: SL3 Slicks & KT3 wets
  • Iame super Cadet: Komet K1D-M Slicks & Komet K1D-W wets
  • Iame X30 mini: Komet K1H Slicks & K1W wets
  • Iame X30 Junior: Komet K1H Slicks & K1W wets
  • Iame x30 Senior: Komet K2H Slicks & K1W wets

UKC does not claim any right in the above names and acknowledges that it does not claim any copyright. UKC uses them and any ref to their regulations purely for descriptive purpose.


It will be each competitor’s responsibility to purchase their own petrol from free practice until the end of the race weekend on Sunday. The Petrol can be sourced from a commercial roadside station from pump fuel 98 –100 Octane. 
It is forbidden to add any liquid and/or power-boosting chemicals in the petrol. Electronic Fuel testing equipment will be present at each round for on spot-checking and the competitor may be asked to change fuel if required by the scrutineer. This will be notified to the Clerk of the course is relevant. If any competitor wishes to make a formal protest against other competitors fuel then a £500 fee will charged to register the protest and carry out the investigation. 
If any competitor wishes to make a formal protest against another competitors engine then a £250 fee will be charged to register the protest and carry out the investigation.


Competitors must remove all their tyres and fuel cans from each circuit at the end of a meeting.  Should any be left behind they will be identified and any charges incurred for their disposal will be reimbursed from the competitor.


Each competitor is responsible for their own transponder and it is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that the transponder is working correctly and sufficiently charged.  These transponders will be used for lap scoring and must be in place and working for all official practice and all races. No radio communication is permitted to or from the kart or driver. The lap scoring and timing areas are out of bounds to all except signed on officials.



Motorsport is dangerous and it is the primary concern of UKC at all its sanctioned or affiliated events. Methods of operation, vehicle construction, track facilities and competition practices are under constant review to protect all participants and to reinforce the safety standards of the sport. Kart racing has certain inherent risks. Each competitor assumes those risks when they participate in an event. While everyone involved including drivers, team members, officials, promoters, and UKC have taken measures to reduce the risk of serious injury or death, the risk cannot be eliminated and will always be present at a high level.


Competitors are obligated to inspect, observe, and promptly report to the Clerk of the course, race director or championship organiser if they see any inadequacy in the facilities, personnel, equipment, or conditions at the track before, during, and after each event. All competitors have the right to withdraw from an event for safety concerns whether real or perceived. Competitors also are solely and directly responsible for the safety of their race karts and racing equipment and are obligated to perform their duties(whether as the vehicle owner, driver team member) in a manner designed to minimise to the maximum extent possible the risk of injury to themselves and others. 


Every entrant if more private and every team must have a minimum of one fire extinguisher with current inspection for every 400 square feet. Fire extinguishers must always be visible and accessible.


At all times whilst on track, drivers must wear race suits, helmets, boots that cover the ankles and suitable gloves.  All race clothing should be designed and suitable for competition use in good condition. These will be inspected at pre-race scrutineering.

Helmets will be full face and should comply with one or more of the following.

FIA 8860-2004, FIA 8859SNELL SA2005, Snell SA2010, Snell SAH2010, Snell

SA2015SFI Foundation 31.1A, 31.2ABS6658 Type A/FR ECE22.05  ACU Gold Sticker

approved SNELL- K98, K2005, K2010, K2015SNELL – FIA CMR2007^SNELL – FIA CMR2016^SNELL – FIA CMS2007^SNELL – FIA CMS2016 Competitors should note that the expiry dates of crash helmets may be observed.  Race suits must have CIK homologation and be either Level 1 or Level 2 marked on the collar.


Race officials and emergency medical personnel are the only persons authorised to be on the track after an accident has occurred. Exceptions to this are at the Clerk of the course discretion. Karts involved in an accident may be subject to inspection by officials. Medical personnel shall examine any driver who sustains an injury. Any kart and driver involved in an accident shall continue only with approval from the Clerk of the course.


Smoking is not permitted on the dummy grid, parc ferme, scrutineering, weighing or engine starting areas or on the track. This ban includes the use of ‘vapingor electronic cigarettes. No one is to enter the circuit without permission from an official and must be signed on and wear a high visibility vest.



Eligible Classes, ages and minimum weights (driver and kart) below:

IAME Super Cadet      Ages 8-13           103 KG

Honda Cadet               Ages 8-13           103 KG

IAME MINI X30          Ages 11-15          130KG

IAME X30 Junior        Ages 11-16          148 KG

IAME X30 Senior       Ages 15+              164 KG

ROTAX MINI MAX      Ages 11-15         130KG

Rotax Junior Max       Ages 11-16           148 KG

Senior Rotax Max       Ages 15+             162 KG

UKC does not claim any right in the above names and acknowledges that it does not claim any copyright. UKC uses them and any ref to their regulations purely for descriptive purpose.


Ballast may be added to the kart chassis or seat to attain the minimum class weight and it must be attached by at least two bolt fixings. The maximum per fixing is 5kg.


Number plates for each class must be displayed as below:

IAME Cadet: Yellow plate with black numbers

Honda Cadet: Yellow plates with black numbers

Junior TKM: Blue with white numbers
TKM Extreme: Red with white numbers

IAME Mini X: White with Black numbers

IAME X30 Junior: Green with white numbers

IAME X30 Senior: Yellow with black numbers

Rotax Mini Max: Yellow with black numbers

Rotax Junior Max: Red with white numbers

Senior Rotax Max: Blue with white numbers


When you compete in the ultimate karting championship it’s most important to remember the racing code:

  • Race for enjoyment
  • Try your best at all times
  • Race fairly
  • Be polite and treat everyone with respect
  • Don’t show off if you win
  • Don’t get upset if you don’t win


The UKC will:

  • Recognise that there are different groups within the racing family and treat them appropriately
  • Create a welcoming, friendly and safe environment for everyone
  • Treat every competitor fairly and encourage others to do so
  • Recognise that as a representative of the sport, I have a duty to be polite and treat racers, volunteers and supporters with respect

Parents and guardians:

  • Encourage young drivers to have fun and enjoy racing
  • Don’t put pressure on young drivers to take part
  • Don’t impose your own ambitions on young drivers
  • Don’t expect young drivers to win and recognise that the benefits of junior racing lie in the skill acquisition and not about winning events and championships
  • Don’t criticise young drivers when they make mistakes
  • Never encourage young drivers to break or bend the rules
  • Respect other competitors and their families and applaud their success
  • Respect the decisions of the officials at all times

As a team owner or member of a team:

  • Accept that racing is primarily about enjoyment
  • Don’t put pressure on young racers to achieve results
  • Recognise that junior racing is about skill acquisition, not about winning events and championships
  • Never speak or behave inappropriately
  • Encourage all racers to respect the rules and the authority of the officials
  • Never encourage a racer to break or bend the rules, nor to drive in a manner that could cause injury to themself or others
  • Recognise that this is not Formula 1


For all enquiries please email


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