MARCH 14th & 15th 2020

Located close to Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham, this 1200m circuit, is an experience not to be missed.
A unique track never before featuring in a major national championship. The circuit consists of long sweeping technical corners leading onto one of the longest straights in the UK. Set up will be key and drivers who adapt quickly will come out on top in what will be a new and fresh challenge in karting competition.


APRIL 25TH & 26TH 2020

A track with great history, shenington has been in use since 1960. The circuit is a regular on for major Championships and hosts the Superprix event every summer.
Its mix of fast straights and slow corners is what makes Shenington one of the best circuits for racing. It may be one of, if not the only circuits in the UK where overtaking is possible at every corner. The main places for overtaking, however, are the Stratford hairpin and Wilkins.

Glan Y Gor Park

MAY 16TH & 17TH 2020
In the picturesque hills of North Wales lies possibly one of the best tracks in the UK, if not the world. GYG is characterised by its mixture of fast, flowing corners, a tricky final sector and massive elevation change over the lap.
The standout features of GYG are the long uphill Dragon Straight followed by the ultra-fast turn two, this compression complex consisting of three ever-tightening right-hand corners. Finally, there’s the Devil’s Elbow in the last sector where the track drops away dramatically. This 1,100m circuit is a must for any enthusiast.


JUNE 20TH & 21ST 2020

Rowrah is situated in Arlecdon village which developed in the 19th Century as the industrial revolution demanded more and more coal, limestone and high grade iron ore. Arlecdon and the villages around it were a maze of railways, quarries and mines which produced the materials for iron works. Rowrah stadium sits on the edge of the Lake District, edged by both fields and fells in a unique limestone quarry. The track measures 1,040 metres long and it is used for several major UK karting championships. Rowrah is widely loved, and its technical hairpins and frequently inclement weather mean it always throws something different at you. Kerb-hopping and late braking are the keys to success here, and you’d better have half an eye on your opponents as overtaking can be achieved at almost every corner.

Whilton Mill

JULY 11TH & 12TH 2020

The village of Whilton first appears in the Domesday Book way back in 1068 where it is referred to as ‘Woltone’. The land known as ‘Whilton Mill’ takes its name from the old 18th century watermill that is still visible today. From around 1841, Whilton Mill began providing hospitality to the local villagers in ‘The Mill public house’. Whilton Mill’s milling days slowly gave way to farming which continued right up until the late 1980’s.
Whilton Mill first began Kart racing in 1991. The first karts were off road versions as the first circuit was on grass! The racing itself took place around the small field that is now the 450m Mill circuit. With increasing interest, a permanent, concrete track was built in early 1993. The National circuit was extended into the 1150m International Circuit in 2007 and with it came a thriving owner driver kart club, complimented by on-site shop and race team.


AUGUST 22ND & 23RD 2020

Situated in the heart of the picturesque cotswolds, the little Rissington circuit offers superb high speed racing. The fast, wide sweeping bends, billiard smooth surface and big run off area, make for one of the best drivers’ circuits in the country.

Clay Pigeon


Clay pigeon in deepest Dorset, is a staple of the UK karting scene. While shorter than some other circuits, it lends itself to extremely close racing. The track has also remained largely unchanged for over two decades, so you’ll be racing on the same layout as the likes of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton.
A mixture of cambered corners, along with its flowing nature, means that this circuit is rewarding for a driver. Overtaking is usually done into the hairpin, while uniquely, Clay Pigeon’s start and finish line are in different places on the circuit.


10TH & 11TH OCTOBER 2020

Fulbeck is rich in history dating back to the 1950’s and its RAF days. In 1959 the karting concept began to take shape and by1968 the track layout was modified and the RAF runway surface was covered with a proper race-track surface. Today Fulbeck is a staple circuit in any national championship with distinctive long straights and technical chicanes. From its initial start as one of the pioneering circuits to its present day success it would seem the members Fulbeck has inherited a cause for celebration.



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